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Real Estate Consultation

Buying a new home? Having trouble reading and understanding a home inspection report? Not sure if the home you're looking at has unforeseen issues or needs renovations? We will help give you a consultation on buying your home and advice on whether that home is a good investment for you and your family.

Home consultation & Home Inspection Report Review

We will help you evaluate homes you are interested in purchasing. This includes assisting in analyzing the right locations and school districts for you and your family, hot or up & coming markets, land value and renovation or building options.

Additionally, if you have received a home inspection and don't understand it, or don't know what to make of the inspector's comments, we will help you sift through the unknown and make it clear for you the home buyer.

Agent and Trade Introductions

If you are looking for a real estate agent, builder, contractor or any other professional for your home, we will recommend and introduce you to the right skilled professionals for you to work with.

On Demand home inspections

In the crazy, unpredictable GTA housing market, prospective buyers need to make decisions in a moments notice. Waiting to get an official home inspection may not be an option when an offer date is around the corner.

We can help!

While we are not licensed home inspectors, we can give you an understanding of deficiencies and improvements in a home you are looking to purchase. Additionally, we will perform home walk-throughs with you and show you what to look for when purchasing older homes.

Home owner Liaison

If you are uncomfortable dealing with trades, agents, or professionals when it comes to your home, we will act on your behalf to ensure work is done properly and pricing is negotiated to your full advantage.

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